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Growth of Israel

Plague of murrain Visit of Jethro
Plague of boils Jethro counsels Moses then departs
Plague of hail Encampment at Sinai
Plague of locusts Moses on the mount
Plague of Darkness God answers Moses from the mount
Pharaoh's heart still hardened the commandments

Moses flees to Midian

Israel to barrow jewels No Other Gods
New Year Changed Remember the Sabbath
The burning bush Passover instituted Honor Father and Mother
God chooses Moses Firstborn slain Idolatry forbiden
Rod of Moses Keeping of the Passover The altar
Moses' leprous hand The exodus begun Setting forth the judgements
Aaron's appointment The pillar of smoke and also of fire Teachings for cursers of parents
Moses' message to Pharaoh Instructions to the Israelites Eye for an eye
Pharaoh rebukes Moses and Aaron Passage of the Red Sea Teachings for an ox that gores
Israel's tasks increased Pharaoh's army drowned Judgement for stealing of animals
Moses' song Teachings for idolatry
The covenant renewed with Moses Waters of Marah Teachings on usury
Genealogies Wells of Elim Teachings on false reports
Moses before Pharaoh Wilderness of Sin Teachings on the Sabbath
The rod and the serpent Sending of quails and manna Three feasts
First Plague An omer kept Promise of an Angel
Plague of frogs Rock of Horeb smitten Moses Builds an altar
Plague of lice Battle with Amalek Moses ascends the mount
Plague of flies Moses' altar Forty days and nights in the mount

By Topic Continued
The tabernacle and its furniture The Sabbath a sign More tabernacle furnishings
The table Two tables of stone Sum of the offerings
The candlestick The molten calf Making of the priestly vestments
The tabernacle curtains Moses reminds God of his promise Moses views the work and approves
Covering Moses breaks the tables  
Boards The idolaters slain  
Veil for the ark The tabernacle moved  
Altar of acacia wood God talks to Moses in the tabernacle  
The court of the tabernacle Moses prays for God's presence  
The measure of the court of the tabernacle  
Oil for the lamp The tables renewed  
The priesthood established God's covenant  
The breastplate of twelve precious stones After 40 days Moses brings the tables down from the mount  
The sacred vestments God commands keep the Sabbath  
Consecration of priests Tabernacle offerings  
Various offerings Workmen ready  
God's promise to be amoung the Israelites Workmen receive the offerings  
Measure of the altar Work goes on in the tabernacle  
Ransom money The veil in the tabernacle  
The laver Furniture of the tabernacle  
The incense

The candle stick

Tabernacle workmen Oil and incense