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Genesis is properly describe as the book of beginnings. It may be divided into two main parts. The first part is concerned with early history of mankind (chs. 1 -11). The second part deals with the history of the specific people whom God chose as His own (chs. 12 - 50)
The author presents the material in a very simple manner. He offers ten "stories," readily discerned from the outline of the book. Some of these "stories" are brief and much condensed, but they nonetheless help to round out the content. It is quiet likely that the author of the book used sources, oral and written, for his accounts go back to the earliest history of mankind.

From the New Improved Hertel blue ribbon edition King James Study Bible


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By Topic
Sun moon and stars are created God promises to curse the earth no more Abram gives tithes to Melchizedek
Man in made in the image of God Noah blessed Abram's vision
The appointment of food The covenant established Seed is promised
The first Sabbath The rainbow Covenant renewed
The making of woman Canaan cursed A vision
Eve deceived Generations of the sons of Noah Sarai deals hardly with Hagar
The curse Nimrod first monarch An angel speaks to Hagar
Expulsion from the garden One language Ishmael is born
Cain and Abel Babel Renewal of the covenant
The curse of Cain Confusion of languages Abram's name changed
Lamech's Family Shem's offspring Circumcision instituted
Birth of Seth The call of Abram Sarai's name changed
The genealogy and age of patriarchs Departure for Canaan Abraham's house circumcised
Translation of Enoch Abram's visit to Egypt

Abraham entertains angels

Wickedness of man Abram, Pharaoh and the Plagues Sarah promised a son
Generations of Noah Abram and Lot part Intercession for Sodom
Noah instructed to build the ark Abram dwells in Canaan Lot entertains angels
Noah enters the ark The promise renewed Lot's escape to Zoar
The flood upon the earth An altar built Cities of the plain destroyed
The waters asswage Battle of the kings Birth of Moab and Ammon
The ark rest Lot is captured Abraham denies his wife
By Topic Continued
Abraham reproved

God appears to Isaac at Beer-sheba

Jacob sends a present to Esau

Abimelech healed

A Covenant

Jacob wrestles with an angel

Birth of Isaac

Isaac sends for venison

Meeting of Jacob and Esau
Hagar banished

Jacob deceives Isaac

The well of covenant at Beer-sheba

Jacob obtains the blessing

Abraham offers Isaac

Esau threatens Jacob

A ram substituted

Jacob goes to Padan-aram

Abraham blessed

Vision of a ladder

Jacob moves to Beth-el

Nahor's offspring

Jacob's vow

Jacob builds an altar

Sarah's death

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob becomes Israel

Purchase of Machpelah

Jacob serves Laban

Sarah's burial

Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

Rachel dies

Leah's children

Death and burial of Isaac

Wives and generations of Esau

Isaac meets Rebekah

Rachel has a son

The dukes and kings of Edom

Abraham's sons by Keturah

Death of Abraham

Jacob's policy to enrich himself

Birth of Esua and Jacob

Jacob leaves Laban

Joseph sold to Ishmeelites

Sale of Esau's birthright

Laban pursues

Joseph sold into Egypt

God's Promise to Isaac

Dispute with Abimelech

Imprisoned as spies Jacob's Age

Joseph resists temptation

Jacob's dying blessing

Joseph stays his brothers
Burial of Jacob