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The Book of Joshua is a sequel to the Pentateuch (the Torah). Moses died in the land of Moab, within site of the promised land. To Joshua, his successor, was left the mission of leading is leading Israel across the Jordan into Canaan.
The Greater part of the book describes the conquest if Canann and the division of the land amoung the tribes of Israel. After the fall of Jericho and Ai, and the capitulationn of Gibeon, in central Canaan, Joshua was confronted by two successive coalitions of Canannite states, one in the south with the King of Jerusalem at it's head, and the other in the north under Jabin of Hazor. Through divine assistance Joshua was able to conquer both south and north, and to apportion the land amoung the tribes. The Book of Joshua records the history of Israel from Joshua's appiontment as Moses' successor to his death at the age of 110.

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Caleb is given Hebron

Joshua Prepares the people to Cross the Jordon Yeshua encourgaed Judah's boundaries
Spies sent to Jericho Capture of Ai Caleb's portion
Rahab conceals spies Yeshua's altar Judah's Cities
Rahab's Covenant with spies Gibeon's crafty league Boundries of Joseph and Ephrain
At the Jordan Their servantage to Israel

Canaanites conquered

Directions for crossing Jordan

Conspiracy against Gibeon

Lot of half Manasseh

The Jordan waters divided

Yeshua defeats the kings Addition to Joseph's lot
The crossing of Jordan The sun stands still Tabernacle set up
The twelve stones of Jordan Further conquests Land described
Jordan crossing of the people Yeshua conquers many kings Benjamin's lot

Camp at Gilgal

The Anakims cut off Boundaries of the other lots
A second circumcision Countries disposed of by Moses Yeshua's inheritance
Manna ceases Conquests by Yeshua Six Cities of refuge appointed
Seige of Jericho Lands not yet conquered

The Levitical cities

Walls of Jericho fall The Inheritances east of Jordan

Israel possesses the land

Rahab is spared Balaam is slain The East Jordan tribes sent home
Israel smitten at Ai The west of Jordan inheritance to be by lot The altar

The dispute and reconciliation

The assembly at Shechem Joshua's dying exhortation Joshua's death and burial