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In the absense of precise data, several suggestions have been made concerning authorship of the book of Judges. The most probable opinion is that Samuel, in addition to his office of prophet or seer, compiled the book. The time of writing may have been during his retirement from public life. The internal evidence inplies that the writer made use of written records left by previous judges, relative to the times and events of their respective governments.

From the New Improved Hertel blue ribbon edition King James study Bible


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Jerusalem taken Gideon's children and death Samson's strength
The acts of Benjamin Israel's return to idolatry Samson's feast and riddle
Nations remaining unconquered Abimelech made king Philistines slain
An angel rebukes Israel Jotham's fable Samson's wife denied him
A wicked generation God sends an evil spirit Samson burns the corn and vineyards
Forsaking God for Baal and Ashtaroth Gaal's conspiracy Other feast of Samson
Judges defied Abimelech slain Samson kills 1000 men with jawbone of an ass
Nations left to prove Israel Judges Tola and Jair

Samson's escape from Gaza

Othniel as Judge Again Israel serves Baalim and Ashtaroth Delilah's importunity
Ehud slays Eglon The misery of Israel Samson's tragic death
Deborah and Barak deliver Israel Jephthah captains Gilead Micah's molten image
Death of Sisera

Jephthah's message to Ammon

Hired preist

Song of Deborah and Barak Jephthah's vow Dan seeks new territory
Midian opressess Israel Jephthah conquers Ammon Micah's images and priests taken away
Gideon and the angel The quarrel with Ephraim

Laish conquered

Gideon's signs Jephthah dies  
Gideon's 300 Subsequent judges  
The lamps and pitchers An angel and Manaoh  
Midian defeated Manoah's offering  


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