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As indicated by it's name "Leviticus", this third book of Moses stresses the function of Israel's priests, those members of the tribe of Levi whom God chose for service at His sanctuary (Dt 10.8). Many Christians accordingly think of Leviticus as a kind of technical manual for directing ancient priests in the details of ceremonies that are no longer observed by god's people; as a result Leviticus is today the least appreciated portion of the Pentateuch.

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The law of the burnt offerings

The purification of women after birth

Curses father and mother punishment
Offerings of flocks

Offerings of purification of women after birth

Punishment for sexual deviance
Offerings of fowls Signs and treatment of leprosy Woman on her period
The law of meat offerings Law of cleansing lepers Obedience required with holiness
Salt of the offering Signs of leprosy Difference between clean and unclean beasts
The law of peace offerings

Unclean issues and their cleansing

Laws of the priesthood
The offering of a lamb A woman has an issue of blood Priestly marriages
The law of sin offerings Priestly vestments and offerings Blemished children of Aaron
Law of trespass offerings The scapegoat Laws concerning priests and offering
Sin through ignorance Feast of expiations Age of sacrfice
Laws for sins of deception and violence The sprinkling of blood Law of eating sacrfice
Laws of sin offerings Eating of blood forbidden God's feasts
Law of the trespass offering Unlawful marriages and sexual deviants The Pentecost
Thanksgiving offering Rosh Ha-Shanah
The priests' portion of offerings Adultery Day of atonement
Consecration of Aaron and his sons No gay sex The oil and showbread
Aaron and his son's offerings No sex with animals Life for a life
Place of consecration Various laws repeated with punishments Eye for an eye
First offerings of Aaron God's name in vain

Punishment for blasphemy

The people blessed Eating from fruit trees
Fire comes upon the altar No tattoos Fifty year jubilee
Burning of Nodab and Abihu Do not prostitute your daughter Redeeming the poor
No strong drink before entering the tabernacle Honor the old Servants redeemed
Eating of holy things Gives his children to Molech Idolatry
Eating of clean and unclean meats Sanctifications Keeping the commandments
Of vows and their redemption Tithes may not be changed Penalties for disobedience