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The numbering Service of the Levites Separation of the Levites
Captains of the tribes Trail of jealousy The Directing Cloud
Firstborn belong to God Form of blessing the people Blessing of Moses
On moving the tabernacle Lighting of lamps The seventy elders
Recompensing trespasses Concerning Passover Miriam healed of leprosy
Law of the Nazarites Journey from Sinai to Paran Israel murmurs against Moses
God speaks to Moses from off the mercy seat Complaint of Moses Teachings for offerings for observance in Canaan
Age limit of the Levites service Rebellion of Miriam and Aaron The punishment the ground splits
Use of the trumpets The spies journey and report A token against rebels

Lusting for flesh

God's sentence for murmuring The heave offering
Quails sent The rebellion of Korah Miriam's death
Spies sent out The budding of Aaron's Rod The serpent of brass
Moses intercedes Things reserved for the priests The opposing angel
Punishment of a Sabbath breaker Teachings for the use of the water of separation Balak entertains Balaam

Ravages of the plague

Aaron's Death Balak's Sacriface and Balaam's parable
The Levitical charge Balak and Balaam Balaam prophesis in favor of Israel
Ashes of the red heifer Balak's anger Balak's anger
Water from a rock The Levites exempt The camp at Shittim
Israel's victories The Levitical families Phinehas given everlasting priesthood
Balaam Prophesies in favor of Israel Redeem the first born Israel is numbered
Princes and number of each tribe Cleansing the camps Inheritance to be by lot
Order of the camp Curse on the cheating wife Law of inheritance
Their number and charges Offerings of the princes at the dedication of the altar Observance of offerings
By Topic Continued
Passover Purification of soldiers

Refuge cities

First Fruits Division of spoils Laws of murder
Rosh ha-Shanah

Ruben and Gad inherit east of Jordan

Law of female inheritance
Day of Atonement Wilderness journeys Marriage within the tribe
Feast of Tabernacles Canaanites to be expelled  
Concerning a maid's vow Borders of Canaan  
Vow of a widow

Princess to partition Canaan