Holy Bible

Just a note. If you found this site and find it useful then that's great. I started this as a way to study and to work on websites at the same time. I removed all the thee's thines and thou's because I find it harder to read. This project is a lot bigger than I thought it would be mainly because as I am learning to do better websites I am wanting to go back and fix the work I have already done. Right now I am working on a topical index for each book starting with Genesis. Keep checking back to see when I am done.

If you will take a look at the Law of Language then it will give you an idea what I am trying to do. I am wanting a better view of the Bible through their eyes, with a better understanding of the Jewish culture.


Law Of Language

Index for References

The Books of the Old Testament
  Chapters   Chapters
Genesis 50 Ecclesiates 12
Exodus 40 The Song of Solomon 8
Leviticus 27 Isaiah 66
Numbers 36 Jeremiah 52
Deuteronomy 36 Lamentations 5
Joshua 24 Ezekiel 48
Judges 21 Daniel 12
Ruth 4 Hosea 14
1 Samuel 31 Joel 3
2 Samuel 24 Amos 9
1 Kings 22 Obadiah 1
2 Kings 25 Jonah 4
1 Chronicles 29 Micah 7
Ezra 10 Nahum 3
Nehemiah 13 Habakkuk 3
Esther 10 Zephaniah 14
Job 42 Haggai 2
Psalms 150 Zechariah 14
Proverbs 31 Malachi 4