G-d's Name In Vain
Paska 22

The phrase "taking G-d's Name in vain" or it's equivalent "false swearing" is interpreted successively as follows:

  1. Study Torah and not imparting it's teachings to others; or imparting it's esoteric teachings to people who will misunderstand them.

  2. Taking power of office without being worthy of office

  3. The wearing of tefillin through the day by people who disregard the name of G-d upon the tefillin and are hypocritical and dishonest.

  4. The taking of an oath, even when affirming something that is true, is taking G-d's name in vain

  5. A false oath, even when not intended, has grave consequence. Death may ensue. Angels of destruction lodge in the house of him who swears falsely. Even the stones of such a house will be consumed by fire.

  6. Swearing falsely by G-d's name, though not overtacts, are punishable by flogging.

The discussion concludes with the statement that Israel swear in G-d's name even when they lie and do not mean to abide by their pledges. Tithe consequence of their not showing adequate reverence for the name of G-d is that their prayers are not answered.

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