Noachide Laws
From the Encyclopaedia Judaica 12:1189

A number of other Noachide prestcriptions are listed in the sources ( see Sanh. 57b; Mid. PS 21; Yad Melakhim, 10:6) eg prohibition of sorcery, castration, mixed seeds, blemished scacrfices, injuctions to practice charity, procreate, and to honor the Torah (Hul. 92a). These are best understood as the subheadingds of "the seven laws". Noachides may also freely choose to practice certain other Jewish commandments (Yad, Melakhim, 10:9-10). Jews are obligated to try to establish the Noachide code wherever they can (ibid., 8:10). Maimonides held that Noachides must not only accept "the seven laws" on their own merit, but they mustaccept them as divinely revealed. This followsfrom the thesis that all ethics are not ultimately "natural", but require a theological framework (see Schwarzschild, in JQR, 52 (1962), 302; Fauer, in: Tarbiz 38 (1968), 43-53). The Noachide covenment plays an important part in both jewish history and Historiography.

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