Noachide Laws
From the Encyclopaedia Judaica 12:1190

Modern Jewish thinkers like Moses Mendelssohn and Hermawn Cohen emphasized the Noachide Conception as the common rational, ethical ground of Isreal and mankind (see H. Cohen, Religion der Vernunft (1929) 135-48, 381-8), and see Noahas the symbol of the unity and perpetuity of mankind (ibid.,293). Views differ as to whether the ultimate stage of humanity will comprise both of Judaism and Noachidism, or whether Noachidism is only the level before the universalization of all the Torah (see TJ, Ar. Zar. 2:1). Aime Palliere, at the suggestion of his teacher Rabbi E. Benamozegh, adopted the Noachide Laws and never formally converted to Judaism.

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