Ru'ah Ha-Kodesh

lit. "the Holy Spirit" Although the phrase Ru'ah ha-Kodesh occurs in the Bible (cf. Ps 51:13 ; Isa 63:10), it's specific connotation as divine inspiration is wholly post-biblical.
In rabbinic thought it is the spirit of prophecy which comes from G-d, a divine inspiration giving man an insight into the future and will of G-d. Traditionally the Pentateuch was given directly by G-d to Moses, but the other canonical writings were all produced under the inspiration of Ru'ah ha-Kodesh.
This the determination of what should be included as canonical scripture turns on whether or not a given work was composed with the aid of the Holy Spirit (see Tosef., Yad 2:14 ; Song R 1:1 no. 5).
This power was given to the prophets in unequal measure (Lev. R 15:2), and could be passed on to a disciple, Joshua inheriting it from Moses, and Elisha from Elijah (
Deut. 34;9 ; II Kings 2:9-10).

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