The Miracle Of Birth
From When A Jew Celebrates

The Talmud teaches: Many coins are stamped from the same mold, and every coin is exactly the same. But God has stamped many people from the same mold ( the mold of Eve And Adam), yet not one person is like another. Therefore, one must say, "for my sake was the world created'.
Animals conceive their instinct tell them to. They do so without understanding or thought.
Human beings make the
choice knowingly, purposefully, so when the miracle of birth occurs, there is great happiness. The Family is filled with great joy. The father and mother have become one through the child they conceived together, They Have created a new being; together they have repeated the act of creation. And Since creation is a God like act, Jews say that a child really has three parents: a mother, a father, and God.

The most important event marking the birth of a Jewish child is the ceremony in which the child into the Congregation of Israel, the Jewish People

For a female child, the naming ceremony. For the male child, the Berit Milah, Circumcision.

The most important event in the life of a Jew, acceptance into the Jewish People, Mark (symbolized by the circumcision of male children, by the naming ceremony for female children. There are signs of agreement between God and the Jewish people to care for each other - the Jews, to love God and to keep his Torah; God to love Jews and keep them

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