The Goal Of Time
When a Jew Celebrates by Harry Gersh
Pages 9-11

According to the Jewish idea, time has a goal, a reason. Time exists so we can grow better, and in growing better, make the world better. Time will reach it's goal when everyone in the world is absolutely good, when every person will do only that which is absolutely fair and just, when there will be no hunger, no war, no injustice or meaness of any kind. Then, in a way, time will end. So Jews call this period the End of Days, or the Days of the Messiah, or Kingdom of God.
To a Jew, this is the reason God gives us time. Each of us is expected to use this time to bring the world closer to the goal of everlasting peace and justice.
Torah, with it's rulers of mercy and justice was given to the Jews by God so that our whole people could build its life on Troah and move closer to the End of Days
Jews believe that every single individial is important to God. What you do with your time, helps determine the world or the future. With each tick of the clock, with each turn of the calendar you are building your own future - and the other worlds.
There is a Jewish story told by Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Hasidism. Therer was a plague in the city of a great king and none of the doctors of the city could cure it. One day the king saw a magic bird resting on the topmost tower of the castle. The king knew that this bird could cure the sickness in the city. He called the royal gaurd and ordered them to get it down. So they formed a human ladder, one man standing on the shoulders of the next, until the top most man could almost reach the bird. Then one weakened and they all fell.
"So it is with us," The Baal Shem Tov said "The righteous person depends on the support of other people to attain the summit of holiness and bring down God's love. But when one person weakens, the whole structure falls and the Tzaddik {the holy person} must begin again.
Your time is NOW. What you do with your time and how you use it are important. You can help shape your own time and time to come - you can make it better.