The Tradition Of Marriage

The first of the 613 mitzvoth (commandments) in the Torah is"peru ur-vu" (Be Fruitful and multiply). Judaism sanctifies every dimension of human experience from birth to death, from eating eliminating. Sexuality and procreation are sanctified by marriage, the primary purpose of which is the creation of life. Every wedding sets the stage for the next generation of "the children of Israel". The Talmud records that "one who does not participate in 'be fruitful and multiply' causes God's Presence to vanish". Indeed, marriage is seen as the prototypical act of creation.
The Zohar, the great book of Jewish Mysticism, states: "God creates new worlds constantly. In what way? By causing marriages to take place."
In the Midrash, the imaginative rabbinic literature "somewhere between commentary and fantasy... that sprouts up between the consecrated words of Scripture," the creation of male and female inspired a fabulous tale about the first wedding.

The wedding of the first couple was celebrated with pomp never repeated in the whole course of history. God Himself, before presenting Eve to Adam, attired and adorned her as a bride... The angels surrounded the marriage canopy, and God pronounced the blessings upon the bridal couple, as the hazzan does under the huppah. The Angels then danced and played musical instruments for Adam and Eve in the ten bridal chambers of gold, pearls and precious stones that God had prepared for them.

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