The Tradition of Marriage
Part 2

The Commandment to marry is directed toward men. According to the Talmud a wife can save a young man from "sinful youghts", and "Any man who has no wife is not a man (a complete human being)". Marriage to a good woman is often described as the source of happiness and blessing for a man. (the Talmud seems generally less concerned with a woman's happiness.) Still, Halakhah was undisputedly progressive for it's time in establishing certain rights for women: minor girls may not be betrothed, women have the legal right to refuse any suitor, no matter what their parents command. Alyough only men can grant divorces, women are entitled to sue for divorce on some grounds, including sexual incompatibility. conjugal rape, a legal conundrum in our time is explicitly prohibited in the Talmud. And despite the fact that wives are "acquired" in much the same manner as property, men are required to treat them with respect and tenderness or risk God's wrath.

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