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Tag: The story of Judas Maccabeus

1st Maccabees Chapter 9

Battle of Beer-Zaith and death of Judas Maccabaeus
Funeral of Judas Maccabaeus
The Triumph of the Greek Party Jonathan Lead the resistance
Jonathan in the desert of Tekoa. Bloody encounters around Medeba
Crossing the Jordan
Bacchides builds fortifications. The Dead of Alcimus
The siege of Beth-Bassi

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1st Maccabees Chapter 7

Demetrius I becomes king, and sends Bacchides and Alcimus to Judaea
Nicanor in Judaea and battle of Caphar-Salama
Threats against the Temple
The Day of Nicanor at Adasa

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1st Maccabees Chapter 6

The last days of Antiochus Epiphanes
The access of Antiochus V
The siege of the Citadel of Jerusalem by Judas Maccabaeus
Campaign of Antiochus V and Lysias
Capture of Beth-Zur and siege of Mount Zion by the Syrians
The king grants the Jews religious freedom

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1st Maccabees Chapter 5

The expedition against the Idumaeans and Ammonites
Preliminaries to campaigns in Galilee and Gilead
The expeditions in Galilee and Gilead
Reversal at Jamnia
Successes in Idumaea and Philistia

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1st Maccabees Chapter 3

The eulogy of Judas Maccabaeus
Initial successes of Judas
Antiochus prepares to invade Persia and Judaea
Gorgias and Nicanor lead the Syrian army into Judaea
The Jews gather at Mizpah

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1st Maccabees Chapter 2

Matthathias and his sons
The ordeal of the sacrifice at Modein
The ordeal of the Sabbath in the desert
The activity of Mattathis and his associates

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