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The Book of Amos

From the time period of 2nd Kings 14

755 – 752 BC

From the beginning of his prophecy (1.2), Amos sets a tone of motivation. The Lord’s voice, like the roar of a lion, will be heard in judgment from Zion. Despite the decaying mass of religious formalism and spiritual corruption (5.12, 21), Amos highlights a remedy for the disease threatening the nation. Men must seek the Lord, repent and establish justice, and they might live (5.14,15). Though some responsible for the evil in the land may not be “grieved” over the threatened disaster (6.6), destruction (9.1-8) is not the only option. Rather, the Day of the Lord will be an assertion of the claims of God’s moral character against those who had repudiated Him. Once this is realized, the splendor of the Davidic Kingdom will be established (9.11-15). Amos’ message is a motivational “cry for justice.

The Author

Amos, a native of Tekoa located 12 miles south of Jerusalem, was a shepherd and a dresser of sycamore (fig) trees (1.1; 7.14, 15). During his time tending the flock, he received a divine calling to the prophetic ministry. He prophesied for a brief period in the northern kingdom toward the end of Jeroboam II’s reign (785-744 BC) and during the reign of Uzziah (780-740 BC), the king of Judah (I. I). Corresponding with 2nd Kings 14