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Bərēʾšīṯ, lit. ’In [the] beginning

The book of Genesis is often referred to as the book of beginnings as it details the creation of the world and the first human beings. This historic book is divided into two main parts. The first focuses on early mankind and covers chapters 1-11, while the second delves into the lives of the people whom God chose as His own, spanning from chapters 12-50.

The author of this book presents the content in a straightforward and simplified manner, and has grouped the material into ten different narratives, each offering something unique and important to the overall story. Though some of these stories are brief and condensed, they serve to round out the content of the book.

It is quite likely that the author drew his material from a variety of sources, both oral and written, as the accounts in the book date back to some of the earliest events in human history. This information has been compiled into the New Improved Hertel blue ribbon edition King James Study Bible, a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to dive into the details of the bible.

Story of Creation – Death Of Abraham

Birth of Jacob – Death of Joseph