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Category: Washing or Cleansing

Ablution (Immersion)

This informative excerpt from the Encyclopedia Judaica 2:81-82 provides a detailed explanation of the significance and symbolism involved in the act of ritual immersion or

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A collection of water A pool or bath of clear water, immersion in which renders ritually clean a person who become ritually unclean through contact

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Purity in Second Temple Times

This array of vessels from Jerusalem provides evidence of the stone-craving industry that flourished in the city at the end of the Second Temple Period

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Red Heifer

The Animal whose ashes were used in ritual purification of persons and objects defiled by a corpse (Num. 19) While the English term heifer means

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Water of Purifying

Water mixed with the ashes of the red hefer See also Purity in Second Temple Times, and Ablution

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