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2nd Samuel

ספר שמואל

Sefer Shmuel

The books of Samuelשְׁמוּאֵל Šəmūʾēl appears to be constructed from the Hebrew Śāmū (שָׂמוּ)+ ʾĒl, meaning “God has set” or “God has placed”. This meaning relating to the idea of God setting/placing a child in the womb, alongside Hannah dedicating Samuel as a Nazirite to God. are truly a work of literary prowess and historical significance. These ancient texts boldly chronicle the monumental shift from a theocracy to a monarchy, and the triumphant establishment of a new era. It is a sweeping and epic tale that brilliantly captures the complex political and religious landscape of Israel and Judah, in the twilight days of the Judges. The narrative culminates with the venerable David, firmly seated as king over both nations. While the authorship of these books has been a source of debate, the powerful declaration found in 1 Chronicles 29:29 suggests that the prophet Samuel himself played a major role in their creation, alongside esteemed writers Nathan and Gad. Their contribution to the legacy of Israel and Judah shall never be forgotten, as it has had a profound impact on Jewish and Christian tradition throughout the ages. The books of Samuel remain an essential scripture for all who seek to understand the history of Israel and its people.