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The Book Of Zechariah


zᵊḵaryâ Yahweh remembers

Time period of  Ezra 5 – 6

560 – 480 BC

Zechariah, a younger contemporary of the prophet Haggai , addressed himself to the same task as Haggai, that of inducing the people to rebuild the temple . His written message forms a significant link between the earlier prophets to whose ministry he makes reference (1.6) and the later phases of God ‘s redemptive work to which his book bears such eloquent testimony.


While the first eight chapters of the book are ascribed to Zechariah in 520 B.c., the date of chapters 9-14 is widely disputed, and many deny that Zechariah wrote them. Some have argued pre-Zecharian authorship; others defend a date later than the prophet’s time, the latter view being at present the dominant one. Absolute certainty is not easily obtained. Although differences should be recognized, similarity in atti­tude between the two parts would suggest their unity of origin. To assign the second part to Macedonian times because of the reference to Greece in 9.13 is to assume that Zechariah, as a true prophet of God to whom future things are revealed, could not have foreseen Greece’s future prominence. Then, Zechariah, who started his ministry in 520 B.c., may well have lived to witness the important victories gained by Greece over the Persians in 490 and 480 B.C. These could point to future Greek domination.