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The Book of Habakkuk



Approximately 620  – 597 BC

Habakkuk  (meaning embrace)  was troubled by the wickedness of Judah and frustrated by God’s seeming inaction. Despite his prayers, destruction and disobedience continued. God told him the Babylonians would punish Judah, but this further troubled Habakkuk. Seeking solace, he awaited God’s answer and heard that the just shall live by faith. Retribution will be swift for the invaders who will learn the emptiness of tyranny. Habakkuk prayed for God to perform mighty deeds once again. Finally, Habakkuk reaffirmed his confidence in God.


The prophet Habakkuk remains largely unknown apart from his discernible qualities as evidenced through his writing. His name is unique in Scripture, with possible meanings including “embraced” or derived from a plant name. While scholars have posited various dates for the writing of this book, the most likely period falls between 605 B.C., the time of Nebuchadrezzar’s triumph over the Egyptians in Syria, and 597 B.C., when Babylonian troops invaded Judah.