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The Book of Haggai


ḥagay “festive”

The prophecy of Haggai , which belongs to the post-Exilic period, is a call to the rulers and people to resume the rebuilding of the temple after sixteen years of interruption and delay. The prophet ruthlessly exposes the false but prevalent view that God’s work is secondary and must wait the solution of economic problems. He shows that the latter are a judgment upon neglect of the former. When the leaders and people respond to his appeal, he assures them of the help of God, encourages them in face of disparaging comparisons, and promises an improvement in material circum­stances now that the will and work of God are done. He concludes his message by confirming the divine choice of the governor Zerubbabel and indicating his messianic significance.


The prophecy is carefully dated (520 B.C.) and undoubtedly is the work of the Haggai whose name it bears and who is referred to in association with Zechariah in Ezra 5.1 and 6.14. Beyond his part in rebuilding the temple, we know nothing of his life or character. His direct , straightforward style is admirably suited to his practical mis­sion of reprimand and encouragement.

Taken from the New Improved Hertel blue ribbon edition King James Study Bible

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