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1st Chronicles


Dīvrē-hayYāmīm, “words of the days”

The Books of Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah are interconnected and share a powerful message. Chronicles serves as the precursor to the other two books, which address significant events following the captivity. The Talmud, many Jewish writers, and Christian Church Fathers attributed Chronicles to Ezra, creating a sense of unity and purpose amongst readers. Chronicles and Ezra share a common writing style and perspective, making it easy to appreciate the coherence between these two books.

Despite objections surrounding Chronicles’ accuracy, it remains a testament to the wealth of historical information earlier records previously recorded. Several reputable scholars date Chronicles between 430 and 400 B.C., establishing a profound connection with the past. As we explore the lessons of Chronicles, we can go back in time and appreciate narratives that are relevant today as they were then, inspiring and guiding us now and forever.