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Category: Rituals

Ablution (Immersion)

From the Encyclopedia Judaica 2:81-82 Ritual immersion, or ablution, carries great symbolic significance in Judaism, representing a transformation from a state of impurity to a

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From When A Jew Celebrates Pages 20 -22 On the eighth day after birth, Jewish boys are circumcised. According to the Torah, this ceremony began

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First Born

From When a Jew Celebrates   Redeeming the firstborn is another traditional ceremony marked for some babies – firstborn sons. (This refers only to the

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Marriage (Hasdic View)

The Hasdic Anthology page 24 Rabbi Isaiah Kalman Halberstadt said: “We read in the Talmud (Taanith 30b): Said Rabban Simeon ben Gamaliel: ‘There were no

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A collection of water A pool or bath of clear water, immersion in which renders ritually clean a person who become ritually unclean through contact

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From The Encylopaedia Judacia A person who vows for a specific period to abstain from partaking of grapes or any of it’s products whether intoxicating

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“Menstrous Woman” According to Jewish law, a woman is forbidden to maintain sexual relations with her husband during and for sometimes both before and after

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Proselytes (law of conversion)

From The Encylopaedia Judacia 13:1183-1184 The procedure, established by the tannaim, according to which a non-Jew may be into the Jewish faith, was elucided as

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The Miracle Of Birth

From When A Jew Celebrates The Talmud teaches: Many coins are stamped from the same mold, and every coin is exactly the same. But God

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The Wedding

A wedding celebration is considered a sacred time in Jewish culture, enriched with deep tradition and meaning. During the Torah reading, the groom is respectfully

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Womens “Place”

Jewish Alternative in Love, Dating and Marriage by Pinchas Stolper Page 77-78 98% of the first book of Genesis, is devoted to narratives describing the

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