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2nd Chronicles Chapter 20

Jehoshaphat’s fast and prayer
Jehoshaphat’s triumphs
Jehoshaphat’s reign
Jehoshaphat’s ships perish

2nd Chronicles Chapter 10

Rehoboam succeeds Solomon
Rehoboam’s foolish decision
Revolt of the ten tribes
Flight of Rehoboam

Abodah Zarah

Page 313 Tal. 64b …’Who is ger toshavגר תושבger: “foreigner” or “alien” + toshav: “resident”,”resident alien”is a halakhic term used in Judaism to designate the legal status of a Gentile (non-Jew) living in the Land of Israel who does not want to convert to Judaism but agrees to observe the Seven Laws of Noah? Any […]


The Second Temple era was a time when many people converted to Judaism as noted in the Encyclopaedia Judacia 13:1182. It is interesting to know that during this period, the term “ger,” which means stranger or alien, became associated with proselyte. The book of Matthew in the New Testament mentions Pharisees who “compassed sea and […]

1st Chronicles Chapter 22

David’s preparations for building the temple
David’s instructions to Solomon
Princes to assist Solomon

1st Chronicles Chapter 17

Nathan approves the purpose of David
David forbidden to build God’s house
God’s promise to David