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Joel Chapter 2

God’s terrible judgments
Exhortation to repentance
A fast prescribed
Zion comforted

Joel Chapter 1

Joel declares God’s judgements
Exhortation to observance
Fast for complaint

Hosea Chapter 13

Ephraim’s idolatry
Ephraim’s glory departs
God’s mercy promised

Hosea Chapter 9

The distress and captivity of Israel for their sins and idolatry

Hosea Chapter 8

Israel’s destruction threatened for blasphemy and idolatry

Hosea Chapter 3

The prophet symbolizes Israel’s desolation before restoration

Hosea Chapter 2

Idolatry of the people
God’s judgments on them
Reconciliation promised

Peace – Shalom

Taken from the Encyclopedia Judaica Volume 13:195 – 196 Wholeness and Well-Being in the Bible the verb shalem, in both the perfect Gen. 15:16 and participle forms Gen. 33:18, represents a powerful concept of ‘wholeness, completeness and soundness’ in the qal. “PEACE.” This range of meanings is both profound and inspirational. The iniquity of the […]

Hosea Chapter 1

Time of Hosea
Hosea’s mystical showing of God’s judgements on harlotry

Daniel Chapter 12

Michael, the great ruler,to deliver the deliver the Israelites
Daniel’s information of the times

Daniel Chapter 11

Overthrow of Persia by Greece
Conflicts between other kings and nations
Impious tyranny of Rome

Daniel Chapter 9

Daniel’s confession
Daniel’s prayer for Jerusalem
The seventy weeks foretold

Daniel Chapter 8

Daniel’s vision of the Ram and the he goat
Days of sacrifice
The vision interpreted

Daniel Chapter 7

Daniel’s vision of four beast and of God’s kingdom
The interpretation

Daniel Chapter 6

Daniel is made ruler of the presidents
A conspiracy
Daniel thrown into the lions’ den
Daniel ‘s deliverance

Daniel Chapter 5

Impious feast of Belshazzar
Handwriting on the wall
Daniel’s interpretation
Belshazzar is killed and Medes

Daniel Chapter 4

Nebuchadnezzar acknowledges God’s dominion
Nebuchadnezzar relates a dream
Daniel’s tells the meaning of the dream
The dream fulfilled

Daniel Chapter 3

The golden idol set up
Delivery of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednego

Daniel Chapter 2

Nebuchadnezzar forgets his dream
It is revealed to Daniel
Daniel’s interpretation
Daniel is advanced

Daniel Chapter 1

Time of Daniel
Daniel and other princes are selected by Ashpenaz
Their wisdom

The Harvest Festival

“On the fifteenth day of this seventh month (five days after Yom Kippur) the festival of Sukkot {shall be celebrated) seven days unto the Lord. ”
(Leviticus 23:34-36)

1st Maccabees Chapter 16

The Victory of Simon’s Sons over Cendebareus
Simon’s tragic Death at Dok. Simon’s son John succeeds him

1st Maccabees Chapter 15

Letter of Antiochus VII and siege of Dora
The Ambassadors return from Rome to Judea
The league with Rome
Antiochus VII besieging Dora, become hostile to Simon and sends him a reprimand
Cendebaues, governor of the coastal region, harasses Judea

1st Maccabees Chapter 14

Eulogy of Simon
Renewal of the league with Sparta and with Rome
Official Honors decreed for Simon

1st Maccabees Chapter 13

Simon takes command
Simon turns back Trypho from Judaea
Jonathan is buried in the sepulchre built by Simon at Modein
The favors of Demetrius II to Simon
The Capture of Gezer by Simon
Simon occupies the tower in Jerusalem

1st Maccabees Chapter 12

Jonathan’s relationship with Rome and Sparta
Jonathan in Coele-Syria.
Simon in Philista
Building work in Jerusalem
Jonathan falls into the hands of his enemies