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Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai is a well-known biblical site that carries various names, including Mount Horeb, Mount Paran, and the Mountain of God, among others. However, locating the precise location of this sacred place has been a challenge due to the scarcity of details presented in the text. The loss of information about the site of Mount Sinai is believed to have occurred during the monarchial period, making it a topic of debate among experts for many centuries. Despite numerous studies, the search for Mount Sinai’s exact location persists. The identification of Jebel Musa, also known as Mount Moses, in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula as the site of Mount Sinai has been acknowledged since the Roman-Byzantine era.

Despite these discoveries, opinions and analysis about the location of Mount Sinai remain split. Researchers have suggested that the text could describe the mountain as a volcano. This difference in opinions has caused conflict among scholars, reaching its climax in the mid-nineteenth century, which is an indication of the ongoing debate among researchers about the true identity of this environment. Further investigation is required to elucidate the truth about this historically significant location.

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