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Category: Judges

Judges Chapter 2

An angel rebukes Israel
A wicked generation
Forsaking God for Baal and Ashtaroth
Judges defied

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Judges Chapter 8

Gideon slays Midian’s kings
Gideon’s children and death
Israel’s return to idolatry

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Judges Chapter 9

Abimelech made king
Jotham’s fable
God sends an evil spirit
Gaal’s conspiracy
Abimelech slain

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Judges Chapter 11

Jephthah captains Gilead
Jephthah’s message to Ammon
Jephthah’s vow
Jephthah conquers Ammon

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Judges Chapter 15

Samson’s wife denied him
Samson burns the corn and vineyards
Other feast of Samson
Samson kills 1000 men with jawbone of an ass

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