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Job Chapter 26

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Job reprimands Bildad

26:1 But Job answered and said,
26:2 How have you helped the powerless? or saved [the] arm that has no strength?
26:3 How have you advised the one that has no wisdom? yet you extensively declared the thing as it is?
26:4 With whom have you spoken words? and whose breath came from you?

God’s power is unfathomable


26:5 Dead spirits are formed from under the waters, or the inhabitants of it.
26:6 Sheolשְׁאוֹל
Transliteration: šᵊ’ôl Pronunciation: sheh-ole’ underworld, grave, hell, pit For more info click here
is naked before Him, and the pit has no covering.
26:7 He stretched out the north over the place of ruin, and hung the earth on nothing.
26:8 He binds up [the] waters in His thick clouds; and the cloud doesn’t break open under them.
26:9 He take hold of the face of His throne,  spreading His cloud on it.
26:10 He has circled the waters with boundaries, until the day and night come to an end.
26:11 The pillars of heaven shake and are amazed at His disapproval.
26:12 He quiets the sea with His power, and by His understanding He strikes through [its] pride.
26:13 By His Spirit he has beautified the heavens; his hand has formed the twisted snake.
26:14 See, these are a part of his ways: but what small a portion we hear of him! Who
can understand the thunder of his strength?

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